AzCamSupport Programs

There are installers for most AzCam support programs. Which programs should be installed depends on the specific system installation requirements. We recommend first removing versions which are to be updated by removing their folder. The run the appropriate installer.

See the LabView topic for information relating to the LabVIEW infrastructure required by AzCamTool and other graphical programs.

The following support programs may also be useful when operating AzCam.

  • EngineeringTool performs very low level (and dangerous!) controller functions.
  • AzamImageWriter is a stand-alone python image server which can receive images on a remote machine. This is especially useful for receiving images on computer running Linux (Python required).
  • Ds9Tools is a set of tools useful when using SAO’s Ds9 display program


The sketch below indicates the over all architecture of AzCam in its most common configuration.